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January 13, 2009


Cindy (Junque Art)

Loved seeing you in the Art Journaling magazine! You are one of my favorites and as the other ladies said you have definitely been a huge influence in getting to starting in art journaling!


i love these videos of your journals! they are so inspiring, as well as being beautiful!

Toni Brown

Dear Girl, you rock my heart as always. I ordered that journaling magazine -- haven't gotten it yet, but it's kind of a DUH FACTOR that your pages should be in there. I agree with mystele's comment above about how much your pages, photo and jewelry pull the art out of me, the layering, your particular style & selection of patterns/colors -- for me, also, the images you incorporate. This sentence, in particular: "I wanted to be certain to let you know how you've been part of my journey." Forever at your feet, Woman!


WOW! This journal is gorgeous! I'd love to sit a spell and thumb thru it in person, feeling the texture of those pages and get a closer inspection of it.


patti, i don't remember when i "met" you through your blog, but it was within the last 2 years i think, if that long. at that time, whenever it was, i know that my heart melted into your work- all the layers and mediums used. it was my first heart connection to mixed media. it sat there, in the middle of me, growing and churning.

then my creative interests landed with crafting/sewing/primitive folk art and i lost touch with you. happily, a few weeks ago i came upon your blog again through the usual blog hopping, you know. when i got there i had this familiar feeling, like i'd gotten back to where it all started.

i've tried to remember over the last year just how i fell in love with mixed media. i know there are lots of artists that i appreciate, but my core resonated when i saw your blog again. it all clicked- the feel of the layer upon layers, freeform, text, fabric, vintage- all the stuff i love. and then, i remembered soaking up your how-to's with gel mediums, etc... most of all, i remembered our texas connection. that was the clincher- i'd found my mixed media home.

today, patti, i'm in a world of creativity that i couldn't have imagined way back whenever it was that i "met " you. i started painting around this time last year and soon found myself as a full-time mixed media folk artist. i wanted to be certain to let you know how you've been part of my journey. everything matters, and it seems that God has brought me back around to you to say a simple, "thank you."

thank you.

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