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October 08, 2010


Brian Kasstle

More pictures... you cracked me up over this...


Fantastic, PVD!!


lovely enginuity AND love the concept of doing a visual journal page on the wall!! ;)

KJ McLean

Gorgeousness! In fact, I want to crawl into the monitor and curl right up! Can't wait to see more pictures.


I love your reading corner...the colors and textures are wonderful. Yeah...be careful wielding an electric knife...lol....can't wait to see the walls.


I LOVE THIS! And I like the idea of collage walls. I'm thinking of collaging tabletops, myself. These wonderful fabrics are very pretty together. Good going! I like.


Absolutely beautiful. We are all jealous (and I am sure I speak for everyone). I love all the colors and patterns and the whole concept. yes, we need many, many more photos. Please.

nelda ream

This looks fabulous! Can't wait to see more.

Julie L. Holleran

How is life in the Gypsy Wagon? Are you always moving or have you settled, or perhaps, made longer stays in varying places? Ever since you blogged about it, I have been wondering how you find it.......Julierose

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