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May 20, 2011



I am really impressed with this idea. I will start following your blog as well as start a scrapodex with leftovers. Genius - you, not me. Thank you for sharing and for whoever pinned this on Pinterest.

Paula White Parkison

This is just really inspirational...a perfect way to keep track of "art accidents" or whatever your heart desires! Love your work!


love love love...seriously on the hunt for a vintage one, so that I can get started!


I just discovered your blog and LOVE your art journals! Especially the scrapodex! I just recently bought a rather large vintage Rolodex on chrome legs that I thought to put photos in but I like your scrapodex ideas so much I may have to combine the 2 ideas! Can't wait to get started. Thank you so much for sharing your art! My little head is just spinning with ideas after looking through your blog today. Did you ever design rubber stamps too?

Lynette (NZ)

Loving this project

Brian Kasstle

So inspiring! You should be receiving yours VERY soon if you have not already!


xo, Cheryl

Sharon W

Love the latest look at the scrapodex. Inspired by yours, I began one last summer, but only became serious recently. Like you, I thought it would be a "journal" of my projects, where I work with leftovers. It is that, but I also enjoy simply pasting up backgrounds ---a soothing and meditative activity when the muses are out at the bars (or wherever they go when they desert me). Would you object to my printing some of your photos for my scrapodex inspiration file???

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