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May 30, 2011


Julie Prichard

I love this project, PVD...to flip through that awesomeness....all in one place! Fantastic. :) Love all the views of your cards you have shown.


So glad I've discovered your blog today! I enjoyed your sketchbook spreads and your scrapodex so much! I'll definitely be back!!!


Thank you for answering these questions! Glimpses into your books and projects are a daily "must-have" for me. Thanks again for sharing.

Brian Kasstle

Patty thank you for the fabulous shout out about my cards! It was super fun to trade cards with you! I am going to do a future post on my Rolodex as well. It all started with you! Keep on inspiring us!


Thanks so much for posting these tips! I started working on my big rolodex this weekend (mine has 5x3" cards and sits on chrome legs). You are right about cutting out the tabs with scissors--works fine and doesn't take too long. One other question I have is do you use left over papers from your other projects to collage with or pull backgrounds that you want to work with specifically? I like the idea of using up scraps and plan to add photos to my rolodex also (ala Donna Downey).

Sharon W

Inspired by your scrapodex, I found one on ebay and got to work. I now produce a card with leftovers from every collage project or swap, so part of my scrapodex is a journal of my work (I date the cards, and add notes). Another section includes cards on which I have tried new techniques and methods, again with notes if appropriate. The largest section is filled with "anything goes".....backgrounds waiting for further work, snippets of new materials, etc. I would love to find a scrapodex swap so I could add a section of cards by others. See what you have inspired???


I was also inspired by your scrapodex some time ago and have a few cards in it, but it will take a long time to get it as full and beautiful as yours! Thanks for the directions. They help a lot!

Karenann Young

Thanks for all the info! There is also a Rolodex out there you can buy that is like a circle of cards, or a ferris wheel, if you get my drift. Love working on them! I have a special box now that I throw my scraps in so I can just go to it and get going! Just love seeing them!

Angela Spendal

This is so cool! Totally love this! Great way to use up scraps of PP that I don't want to pitch, but still love enough to hold on to. Kind of like an album of my favorite papers...

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