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August 14, 2011



Have you tried dying with avocado skins? Just boil up some skins for 10 -15 minutes then let your fabric soak for anything from an hour to 24 hours.
You will not believe the amazing colour... a beautiful dusky pink. Its gorgeous.


Those berries are beautiful! I recently dyed with perilla. Here is my blog post: http://www.bloombakecreate.com/2011/07/dyeing-with-perilla/
Beautiful color.

Just took your wall calendar class. Loved it! I especially like the fabric ones! Lots of great ideas and inspiration. Thanks!


Those are gorgeous, love the way they grow around the stem.
We dyed with natural stuff a few times years ago in my San Diego quilt group - it was always fun to see which items gave what colors. Some were awful and muddy, others were lovely. As I recall, we used walnut husks, yarrow ((?)some sort of yellow flowers), berries, marigolds, nandina leaves (which are also good for flower pounding), and a bunch of other things I can't recall.
Be sure to do it outdoors (or at least with all the windows open and a fan going), some of the bubbling pots positively reeked...

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