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January 13, 2012



Oh wow, earlier this morning, I was wondering how to best photograph my messy journal pages, and was thinking clean background - but I love yours with all the goodies on your work table. Like Jo, I'm in the middle of cleaning up but am such a procrastinator, and prefer reading your words.

Jo Reimer

Yep, I love seeing the background where people create... the messy, real spaces, not like that Somerset publication about Studios where mess is non-existent. Messy tables and working woman go together. However, once in a while one needs to clean it all up and start fresh... where I am today. This isn't a job I like to do. I'd rather look at your blog.

Olivia King

I do love looking in the background at other people's studio stuff. I think a blog just about studios would be a great blog (for artists) to look at and read! I love your journals, and your jewelry! I just bought a Zutter so I can make my own journals too! Now I have to figure out how to use it!

Toni Brown

I love seeing your pages no matter where they're photographed OR made ... it IS nice to get a sense of your studio space, but I have to say that I seem to 'feel' you most strongly through your flower photos. That chair rocks! I want one in orange!


WHo ever thought of using a record?! What a great idea! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. : )


Patty, I love seeing both your journals and your jewelry. Both speak volumes of the person you are, creative, clever and a lover of all things old. Thank you for giving us a peek into your creative process.

Brian Kasstle

Oh I am sooo envious of your creative space. I love those cabinets! Very cool.


awesome space, awesome journal...totally awesome creative talent!! thank you much for sharing :)


Your blogpost today is so whimsical and versatile! I love your white chair! I would do the same - intentionally spill on it to 'have it done' (maybe even use permanent markers!Ha!) Your art journal pages are fun, fun, fun! Love to see what's on/in there - and yes, the background of the table is as interesting! Enjoy the weekend dear one!

Trish W.

I love seeing your handmade jewelry interspersed with the journal pages - your style is so unique! It was the jewelry that caught my eye to start with :-)

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