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February 04, 2013


Toni Brown

PVD! Last night I dreamed you had engineered a canine harness and had put Ralph the Dog to work, dragging flagstones! oh my! Please extend my apologies to him! (grin)

Brooks Ann

Looks wonderful so far! YOU will have the Popeye arms when you're finished. Two tasks completed for the price of one. LOL Wish I was there to help.

Sharon Tomlinson

WOW It is going to look amazing. I'm afraid I would still be working on getting the ground ready under the stones. How did you do that? I know you will share your progress. OK.


You are truly a brave person to tackle such a big project! By the time you're finished you might have Popeye arms!!


Much as I like flagstone paths - which is a *lot* - I wouldn't tackle it myself. Altho I might have when I was your age. Luckily the stones aren't going anywhere so it takes all summer, oh well. Looks great so far...

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