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July 21, 2013



I have a Bernina Artista 730 and wish I hadn't! While it is a fabulous embroidery computer, I had great problems with it when simply sewing, so much so that after spending all that money, I had to buy a Juki TL-98 for just sewing.
The Bernina is finicky, can't handle differences in high when you come to the seams, has problems with even the thinnest interfacing, skip stitches and has tension problems and lots of plastic parts that simply brake off.
And other matter are the special feet. Take for instance a binding foot. The Bernina has seven for different thickness of fabric and with of band. So you need to spend an additional fortune in extra feet. The same for pin tuck feet and hem feet.
Consider the price of all the extras when making your decision. Success!


I have a Janome 7330 Magnolia machine...and I love it! In my opinion, it's not necessary to spend big bucks for a good sewing machine. Janome machines are made in Japan...the name means eye of the snake. I spent a long time reading reviews before I purchased my Janome. I've had it since January of this year.


Well, I own a 2002 Bernina Artista 180, which was the bomb back in the day. DH surprised me for my 50th b-day. It's never been serviced except by me, I've sewn on it steadily for all those years and it's never even hiccuped, so I'm a Bernina fan.

However, several women in my quilt guild had Janomes and loved them.

So that was a lot of help, huh? Both good brands, I guess it's more about which one do you like the controls and feel of, and has more features you'd use. How exciting. Can't believe you're selling that bag. I remember when you posted about it and how much you said you love it. Looking forward to hearing which one you get.

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