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January 03, 2014



I just this morning discovered you and your blog and your wonderful projects via PINTEREST. Yours was one of the PINS that might interest me (I don't know how that happens). You see quite adept at putting zippers in your bags. I know I can go on YouTube to learn how to put zippers in small projects but wanted to ask you about them. Do you buy zippers for speciaik projects or do you keep a stash that has been stocked up?

Sewing and photography as well as journaling are my passions. I think I would like to make some of what you make in a much more simple way. I appreciate any ideas you can share.


You're a crazy woman, sewing down all those little hexes, but I love the finished bag. It'll look great with just about anything and especially good with that jacket. You have such a unique wardrobe, thanks to your mad sewing skills. Very cool bag.

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