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March 18, 2008


Kathleen Chabot

Patty, I feel for you. I had to say good bye to my 17-year-old Tuffy ten years ago, and though Rascal and Fripon came to comfort me, I still miss Tuffy.


sweet dreams Bart....Your mum is not alone...your animal companions will keep her company so you can be at peace....

Dawn Gold

Aww really sad, Bart, going by the pics had a wonderful life with you - now you will have to see about doing a pic in photoshop in remembrance, that would be so cool.
Sure he is eating the fish, and beating the ninja hamsters in cat heaven xxx


I'm so sorry for your loss...my heart aches for you.


My deepest and most heartfelt condolences for your loss. (((((Cyber hugs!)))))


sorry to hear about your loss patty. sending you healing thoughts.


I am so sorry! I lost my little chihuahua, Maria, just two months after I lost my mother. 2001 was just not a good year for anybody.

Our cat has an occasional round with a ninja mouse - don't know when I've seen a cat have so much fun. Her mouse lacks the cool outfit, though.
Again, my sincerest sympathy goes out to you.


So sorry to hear of Bart departing. What a blessing to have lived and been loved so much. So many memories to cherish, may the smiles heal your heart.

Julie Prichard

oh shit...that is rough. So sad and sorry over here, PVD. Hope you feel better soon and glad you have so many pictures of your buddy!


Oh Patty...I know your pain and I'm sorry. I lost my 14 year old 3 weeks ago. Furbabies leave indelible little pawprints on our hearts.


Your post made me have tears. I am sorry for the loss of your Hachinohe Bart. He looks like a wonderful cat.

Paula Bogdan

I am so very sorry; it's such a hard hard thing to do. He looks like he was just a wonderful cat!

susan w

That is hard to do. It does look like you had a great time together. How wonderful that you have him in heart and in photos

Vicki in Michigan

I am so sorry.

Even when they are old, and have had a long and good life, it is still so hard when they must go on without us.

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