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March 19, 2008



Wow, what an original apron, it´s really cute and you did a great work, now you are safe from inks, lol.


Way COOL apron! That would call me to the studio more often!
One day, I too, will venture to learn and play in photoshop and other computer goodness. I am most impressed with your skills and creations, beautiful.


Oooh, that apron, FABULOUS!!

Toni Brown

BABY!!! I'm waiting for you to post one o' these aprons on Tuscan Rose. I saw this earlier but I was upset about your sweet cat and wanted to digest that before I commented. 18 years, a true friend, and such a photogenic feline. Tough times. I'm sad for you, for him.

Julie Prichard

Excellent fodder, I reckon!

(Cute apron too :) )

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