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September 01, 2009


marie danti

I have not tried your tea recipe, but I', gonna!
I have been a lurker on your blog for (probably) years & have not posted a comment, but I have so looked forward to your blog updates & this is one of my very favorite blogs. Have been curious about your garden progress & worried too that you are doing so much of the work & how you can maintain.(?) I know I couldn't. Just wanted you to know, you have been a big boost in my life & that all your posts leave a big smile on my face!

Toni Brown

ACK! PVD, you rock, I LOVE chai tea ... once upon a time, my Mom had a recipe for tea made out of Tang (oh, those 70s) ... this kind of reminded me of some of the ingredients. I was drinking Tang Chai before Chai was cool!

Sharon @ norah'S

Thanks, I do love it and I will certainly mix up a batch. Thanks again

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