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December 23, 2009



Thank God for your grandma!!! She was wise enough to know what was important to a little child. That wiener dog was one lucky puppy.

liz a.

what a wonderful grandma. being as i am also a grandma, i hope i can do something, someday for my little granddaughters just as delightful, just as wonderful! my son doesn't like pets...hhhmmmmmmmmm! hahahha! thank you for sharing such a sweet story!

Kim Owens

What a wonderful, heart-warming story!! Your grandmother was an amazing woman - you must miss her :-) Thanks so much for sharing this holiday gift with us!

carmen nessman

merry Christmas!
as much as i am always looking for all the wonderful eye candy you offer us here when you go for storytelling with words you are also wonderful


Patty, I have tears rolling out of my eyes as I read this. This little story is so touching. I grew up with dogs and desparately wanted a cat. Oh, how I wanted a cat. My mother hated cats, so dogs were all we were allowed. I vowed that when I left home I would always have a cat, and I have. I presently have two. I still like dogs, but I want cats. My husband always wanted a dog, so we will probably get another (we've had five) in the spring.
Have a happy holiday and we'll see you next year.

nelda ream

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Merry Christmas! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Julie Prichard

Merry Christmas, PVD....to you and your little wiener dog memories.. I love this story. It is perfect for today's post.

Jane Stewart

What a great story. I am a grandmother, and I definitely would have done what your grandmother did. You deserved that little dog and look at the wonderful memories you have. Funny how your mother never warmed up to the little fellow.


Patty what a wonderful story; it brought tears to my eyes. What a very sweet Grandma you had!
The picture of you and the much loved doggy is just precious!
Happy Holidays!


I don't understand people who do not like dogs...bless your grandmother for helping you with your dream of gettting your weiner dog. This is a great story...wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. I really enjoy your blog and that fabric journal...oh my!

debra cooper

That is such a beautiful story, Patty! I'm going to be carrying it around with me throughout the holidays. thank you for sharing!!!

Brooks Ann Miller

I was hoping you would end the post with a photo of you, Ralph and a new daschund puppy...I also love weiner dogs and miss mine of several years named Ruby Tuesday...maybe for my birthday...You have a splendid holiday also and thank goodness for Grandmas like yours!


oh my gosh this is the sweetest story ever! I read your blog but I don't know if I've ever commented. This story made me remember my sweet little poodle Gypsy. I'd been asking for a dog of my own (we had a "family dog" already. The way I remember it, I talked and talked for days about it...and around the 5th day my mom pulled up in the driveway with a sweet little poodle. (in all reality my mom probably brought the subject up first and I took off with it" but in my mind, I dreamed, wished, prayed and all of it came true. I was 7 when I got Gypsy and she was still alive when I married at age 19. I found out YEARS later that Gypsy was a stray that someone at her work had found and they were trying to find a home for her...so my sweet mom had PLANTED the seed in my head and it grew from there. I always thought it was MY idea, MY wish, MY little dream.
I'm sure your sweet grandmother was behind it all, but you never know....dreams and hopes do come true if you work at it long enough!
This MADE my morning!


Have a wonderful holiday my friend! See you after the New Year! Your missed!

Katy in Fort Worth, Texas

You've made me miss my own grandmother (also a "Kate/Katy" - and my dog (a chihuahua named Maria)!

You have a great Christmas.


Wonderful story. I could have loaned you my mom. She LOVED Dachshunds. We had two, Brandy and Joey. They hated little kids. :-)

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