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December 31, 2009



Wow! What a fossil. And Wow again! What a tree. Where did you find them?

Love the "favorite" format. Think I'll do something like this for myself--maybe scrap them. And I agree w/ Jan (above). What on earth would we do w/o our pets!?!?!


Dear Patty,

Your blog is very beautiful and very inspirational. I love that you included Ralph and kitty cat in your favorite things. What would we do without our precious animal companions?! The photo of you and Ralph together is one of my favorites.

Happy New Year, dear Patty!


diane cook

Indeed....it was a GOOD YEAR!
Happy New Year Patty!


You and Ralph look SO happy. This is a good thing.
And your roses are all gorgeous, as are your photos of them. Thank you!
Health , peace, joy, and inspired adventure to you in 2010 (and prosperity too).

Julie Loeschke

Wow! You are such an inspiration to me. Happiest of New Years!


This was so fun, Patty! I love all your bests, and yes, we do resemble our pets. Good thing your dog is so good-lookin'!


Great post! Thanks for truly being original.

nelda ream

Happy New Year, Patty! One of my favorite things this year has been your blog. Thanks for sharing your incredible journals, garden, art, and yourself with us in 2009.


Happy New year, Patty! That was such a nice look back on the year.
I can say thank you for being a very nice highlight in this last year for me! My book still isn't finished but it is a wonderful thing to learn!!


like the format of looking back...your flowers are my fav as well as your animals and secret garden! Happy New Year!


I love your list (and photos... your photos are always wonderful) of you year's favorites! I will definitely have to try the Chai tea recipe.

Toni Brown

loveliness, all ... you have gorgeous and quite photogenic beasties so resembling them would be a GOOD thing -- how COOL to see a picture of Yourself, too!

I love the chai tea recipe, the Baroness rose, the secret garden, and Ralph The (your/our/my) dog ...

missing: the blue metal table. Is that becuz I came and heisted it? (hee)

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