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January 12, 2010


Terri Pike

I googled "Lemon Suck" and "Lemon suck recipe" and came up with zilch.... it sounds mouthwateringly good and I don't even know what it actually IS.


I've kept a journal for over twenty years and it is my best friend. Always there to listen, never judgmental, always open. You are quite right, it's the story of our lives.


absolutely feel privledged....I have one like this. hmm..maybe I should share!


I dared to show some 'goofing off' doodles to a handful of friends, but on a blog for everyone anywhere to see? Not sure I'm that brave at all.....even your doodles look pretty darn good! I'll have to give some thought to showing the mindless passing time doodles. I hate when I actually manage a 'good' doodle or scribble though, knowing I couldn't do it again for real in a piece of art!
I'm with the rest above me here, please enlighten us as to what Lemon Suck is. It does sound good and I love lemon in tea, hot or iced. It looks very nice in the jars!


Oh my, that lemon suck, whatever it is, looks fabulous, can you share the recipe? Please, please, pretty please?

Jane Stewart

you are so right, we do tend to show off our pretty journals, when our daily journals are really just as inspirational. I am very excited about your upcoming online classes. As a tea and lemon lover, I would love to know what lemon suck is.....


I've never heard of lemon suck either. Please let us in on the recipe. -- Secret journals are the ones that I like best because they reveal what one's life is all about.

diane cook

LOL....had to get a closer look =) Fun-ny!


Hi Patty,
I loved that you shared, personal doodles; i do need to stop at
random and put my stuff in one place. Okay, i give what is Lemon
Suck...sure sounds good, i'm a lemon lover!

It is still cold here in North Carolina...


Patty, what in the world is Lemon Suck and how is it used in tea? It looks like the lime marmalade I made years ago that no one likes but me.

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