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February 13, 2010



Hi - I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I have always loved making books, and altering something to give it a new artful life. I find your work very inspiring, so I keep coming back to see what new thing you've done!
PS: May I add your blog to my blogroll on my sidebar?


I love to doodle too. Have you done zentangles?

nelda ream

I really like your use of the random doodles. Good idea. So glad to hear you're feeling better.


Sorry for the 2nd comment..I forgot to ask though..what kind of journals do you use? I like your markers, but I could imgaine the bleeding would be troublesome.


like seeing your doodles! YOU actually have times of no creativity? I'm dabbling at a small journal in my bag at work...kind of a nature journal of a sort. Trying to be still and really 'see' things. Getting frustrated though and not sure how to get over that...


Pretty blue bird. We have loads of them around here. I like hearing about your favorite tools and getting a close up glimpse of your journal pages.


Oh goodness! Thanks for a peek of what's on your art desk! Copics are are on my DREAM wish list and may be there forever. Do I spy a match box holder with pencils and a eraser in it!!? Great idea! I have one sitting in the kitchen with mateches and it just sits there, never gets used (I grab matches from a drawer because I forget the holder is sitting there). I do believe I'll add some art to it (mine is ugly)and move it to the art room, too!

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