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March 25, 2010


Carmen Nessman

i know that happy sensation ;-)
and by the way yes please, tea for me, and cherry chocolate grilled bread sandwich, too

Julie Prichard

YOU are my gardening HERO!


I was going to mention that rosemary is easy to propagate from cuttings, but artistickitty beat me to the punch! I believe rosemary would thrive in your area. Hope you share pictures of your garden!


I love lavender, but it does not love my part of TX so much. I have had success propagating Rosemary with cuttings from my mama plant. Enjoy the lavender!


Oh, wow, what a great idea! Your yard is going to smell wonderful!


I can smell the lavender now. Hope you will share the garden once
all those baby lavenders find their happy home in the ground.

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