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March 26, 2010



Wow,grilled cream cheese sandwiches...I rarely let myself buy chocolate bread and now you've given me another excuse to buy it. :-)

Nancy S

I'm there! You provide the chocolate bread and I'll provide the tea!


I had some catching up to do and wowowow... LOVE your patchworks art journal and the last one... YESSSS, I'd LOVE to come to your tea party! Maybe I could come flying on a broom? Or hire me a winged horse? Hope you have a sunny weekend!!!


recipe. we need the recipe. pleeze!!!!!

nelda ream

I'll be right over. Yumm!


Would you share the recipe for the chocolate cherry bread, it looks so yummy!!!!


Oh, the heart, the bird and the cats. Tea, yes. Bread looks so yummy!


Im sooooo on my way for that promise of tea... yummy!!


Yum, I'm on my way...
what kind of tea do you like? I made panini's with cream cheese and chocolate
just needed the sweet bread...still good!


so looking forward to experiencing the progress of another project of yours patty...altered books are a little intimidating so thanks for sharing...AND by the by, i've had awesome results from your wall calendar journal class ...AND chocolate cherry bread, YUMMO! i wonder if your would share the recipe...i have enjoyed the hot pepper jelly & cookie recipes!

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