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June 03, 2010


nelda ream

Those bottle garlands are so charming! But not so that funnel cloud; it looks scarey.


I, too, love your bottle garland; How fun and festive for a party to have flowers tucked in...very
cheery~ Funnel clouds...ooooh, I have only seen 2, they are beautiful and scary! I am happy the evil spirits didn't show! I love perfume bottles and salt n' pepper shakes...off to gather some supplies.
What gauge of wire did you use to weave them together?!

Keep using your spirit bottles and your ruby red slippers, to keep evil spirits away!

Dee Ann Head

Love, love, love your bottle garland! Yes, you do have some of the best ideas! Great shot of the funnel cloud - so glad it didn't touch down!


Please come to my house and remodel my kitchen, string some bottles, make journals and inspire me! Hee hee!!! Love reading about the remodel and seeing your recent albums. I'm having shoulder surgery, so no art for a while! I have made a list of blogs and youtube videos to keep me company while I'm down....and your rose journal is going on my 'to do' list! So enjoyed your calendar journal class and I can't wait to make more. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit so generously!


I love this idea. Now I know what to do with my little ink wells and other small bottles. Perfume bottles, too.
You have some of the best ideas! The garland done with wire is gorgeous.


I like this!!!! I may have to try it!


isn't mother nature mezmerizing!!

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