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July 29, 2010


Brooks Ann

Love the scrapodex AND Harold and Maude. Been a Harold and Maude fan for many years...since it first came out. Quirky and fun...


I am lovin' this scrapodex idea! I have a small metal drawer box thing with rods in it for rolodex cards -- I am thinking I might have to borrow this idea -if you don't mind! I've hung on to this contraption forever, but never seemed to think what I could use it for?? What a wonderful creative inspiring idea! You should write us a book (not kidding)! I loved your house pictures too. I think we all like to peek into each other's lives a little sometimes. Art is so often a solitary process.


Very cool as they are .
Nice juxtaposition(s) of sweet n' mean.
No words = a multitude of possible stories to tell.

I like the clean simplicity,
would hate to see them too gussied up.
And, having said that... I must add, I DO trust your sensibility.


each one uniquely dazzling AND inspiring...thanks for sharing! ;)


I so wish I knew how you layered your materials like you do. I love seeing your home yesterday, you can always do more of those.


Why is it so cool that they have those cuts in them? I don't know, but it really ads to the interest of them. :-)

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