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July 20, 2010



I have an inspiration journal made from pages torn from magazines too.....my most favorite images are in there and i love sitting down with it. The Rolodex piece is great!


I absolutely love this idea, I have been trying to find something similiar myself. You do have some brilliant ideas. I have also copied your inspirational journal, as there are only so many magazines a girl can keep!!!!

Dee Ann Head

I just love how you find the most creative ways to repurpose, recycle and reuse items that might ordinarily end up in the trash! I recently took your wall calendar journal class and am now addicted to your "condensed maga-journal-zine" technique! It's a great way to preserve images from my favorite magazines. Would love to see more of your inspiration journal!

nelda ream

Oh, Man! I passed up a couple of Rolodexes in a thrift shop. But never again. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing it. And I love your journal...as always. I love ALL your journals.


Your scrapodex is amazing!!! And the inspiration journal... wowzah! Yes, having little space makes you inventive... enjoy the prettyness (is that a word?) of it all!! (I sure do!!!)


Very pretty; love the look and idea of it~ Magic in the making!!!


OOH I love it all. Your colors are smackaroo wonderful.

Lynette (NZ)

This is very cool. I love your work, and have become a follower :-)


Oh this is such a cool idea! You have the most fabulous ideas!!!


love your sprapodex. i wish i could see your inspirational journal irl. it looks wonderful.


You are just chock full of creativity! Love it.


What a brilliant idea!!! LOVE IT!


I get why you couldn't stop, that looks amazing and it is so inspirational to see different kinds of books being used and filled. Makes me think/see differently about what I see when I go thrifting... hehe.


lovely inspiration journal AND sprapodex...you're always into something fabulous! ;)

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