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January 27, 2011


Julie L. Holleran

I have my father's old rolodex from years ago; plan to use it for all those old pix of him stored in a "shoe box" (!)before he passed away. Thank you for sparking a great project--I can see him with a lil' flip of a card.....Julierose


Inspired by your earlier scrapodex posts, I bought one on ebay and did some cards. Then it languished. Now you are renewing my interest. I have two questions: (1) do you work on both sides of a card at the same time, before setting it aside? (2) Are you "fussy" about the little openings for the cards to sit on the "dex"? (I bought the little punch but it seems resistant to nice work). What do you do? Hey....how about a nice little scrapodex online workshop? You are amazing in your ability to be so productive with limited supplies in a restrictive workspace. Keep it up!!!!

lynda howells

this is amazing..beautiful work. I am doing something similar but no where near as brillent. By the way, do you know how l can subscribe to your blog please?xxlynda


what a fun way to use things up! love this, patty!


i love your rolodex. it looks amazing. i never come across these great finds in my area.


I love this and I have an old rolodex I got for about 50 cents at an estate sale last summer.. :-)


Your rolodex looks gorgeous already and it's getting more beautiful every time you add something to it!


I so love it!:)

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