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March 01, 2011



Would you share your secrets for successfully rooting cuttings? Would like to read all the details! Friends would like cuttings of my fabulous Lady Banks rose but none have gotten them to live and root. And then of course there are so many others that I'd like to propagate, checking that they're not patented, natch.


I love the idea of a dedicated journal for one particular activity...what an inspiration you are! I hope your move goes well.

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Love your journal.


First of all, congrats on the new house! Secondly, I love your detailed pages in these garden journals. I am not that good at making notes about gardening. My garden is more of a "grow what will" adventure.
I love roses too, but they don't like me. I have severe allergic reactions to thorn pricks. I'll love them through your pictures.


I hope your move goes smoothly and best of luck with your new house and garden!


I love all of your journals Patty and so happy that you're being reunited with your journals and your garden soon ;) Best of luck with the move. Fondly, Roberta


your rose journal looks beautiful. i would love to read more about your roses. i would love to plant some myself. but i may be moving into a apt soon. which are your favorite roses and which are the most fragrant? I hope your move goes smoothly. good luck


Oh wow Patty, what a special journal! It makes me think of my mom, who keeps 'nature-diaries' - a bit similar to this. You have a good start at the new house dear, hope to see you again soon!

Toni Brown

Safe Journey, PVD, to you, Ralph, the cats, and les fleurs!


Have you been to the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence TX near Brenham? worth the trip as Independence is a darling small town. Good luck with your move. Post photos of your new place.


You're about the only person I "know" who moves more than we do so don't mind me if I sit in the corner & gloat that it's not me this time. Although I'm sorry you have a gimpy hand for moving day(s). Will be anxiously awaiting wonderful images of your new place and seeing it evolve into it's full Patty-ness!


I will miss your messages these next few days, but will think of you enjoying the excitement of moving into a new home. Think of it as a VERY large, blank journal, and fill it with your creative ideas and collections.(And maybe share some of it with us???) Best wishes.

Julie Prichard

God speed, PVD..I love roses. I have 9 bushes in the ground..and I am maxed out. They are full of buds already.. I left the tags on the plants in hopes of making a journal like this. Maybe this year is the year to learn more about the plants. :)

Brian Kasstle

Safe journeys to your new home! I am sure it will be a relief. Your roses are amazing! I love old climbing roses and have several here at the house for some reason they love the heat of the house in the back here and go crazy in spring, last year we had over a hundred blooms on one plant.

Again safe travels to your new home, I hope it goes smoothly.

amy in Texas

If you have to be a geek, a rose geek is a great way to go. Good luck with the move. Hope you are settled soon.

Brooks Ann Miller

Also love your roses. Congrats on the new abode. Can't wait to see it and the roses in their new home. With you as the head decorator, it will all be fabulous. You will be missed while you are away. See you soon!


Oh, I will miss you! Hurry back. Your rose journal is as lovely as the roses.


Dear Rosarian, You will be missed. Please continue to heal and enjoy (as if moving were a lark) your time away from blogdom.

Your roses are the everbloomin' best! I love old roses. See you soon.

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