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April 20, 2011



"...wing it" in your chicken book? Too funny. Am currently reading Cordelia Underwood by Van Reid. Is it good or bad that every few pages I can just visualize the story as scenes in an offbeat comedy movie? V. tongue-in-cheek Americana/Victoriana romp. Slow to start but worth sticking with.

Lynette (NZ)

Catching up on blogposts while I've been away and I especially love these fabric pages - the stitching and the colours are gorgeous.

Vicki in Michigan

I read Willa Cather's _My Antonia_ yesterday. I'd never read it before. Why didn't they have us read more women, when we were in high school?????

Very nicely written; very evocative of time and place.........

I recommend it. :-)


...or kindle covers ... or funky wall hangings. They are adorable and eye-catching!

Julie L. Holleran

Love the freeform stitching--am into hexagons right now--old fashioned rosettes with scraps and english paper piecing by hand....am re-reading The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher--seems to "go with" handwork....Julierose


I know you intend this to be a book, but what wonderful pot holders these pages would make! However they are used they are truly works of art.


this is absolutely beautiful. look forward to seeing how you bind it.

Lisa crofts

I love these they Are gorgeous. Why bind them make a fabric box for them to go in.

Brian Kasstle

You got some purdy arts there.... yep. Is there no end to your tallents???


I've been MIA for a while, but I'm back to admire your fabric book! Wow, such bright colours and all the stitching - makes my fingers itch. I find embroidery such a 'meditating' thing to do... very ZEN! My latest read was 'The mists of Avalon' (3 weeks ago?) Can you believe I'm 47 and never read it before? I'm sure you know it, but if not: read it! Breathtaking! (Well... it is when you love 'Tolkien' and 'King Arthur' stuff)

Gwen Delmore

I love these chicken and egg pages!! They are so colorful, I need a project like this!

I just read Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman, and loved it. Also, 29 Gifts by Cami Walker.

Vicki in Michigan

Over the weekend I read Julia Child's _My Life in France_ and also _The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society_.

I enjoyed both.....

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