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May 30, 2011


Angela Spendal

This is so cool! Totally love this! Great way to use up scraps of PP that I don't want to pitch, but still love enough to hold on to. Kind of like an album of my favorite papers...

Karenann Young

Thanks for all the info! There is also a Rolodex out there you can buy that is like a circle of cards, or a ferris wheel, if you get my drift. Love working on them! I have a special box now that I throw my scraps in so I can just go to it and get going! Just love seeing them!


I was also inspired by your scrapodex some time ago and have a few cards in it, but it will take a long time to get it as full and beautiful as yours! Thanks for the directions. They help a lot!

Sharon W

Inspired by your scrapodex, I found one on ebay and got to work. I now produce a card with leftovers from every collage project or swap, so part of my scrapodex is a journal of my work (I date the cards, and add notes). Another section includes cards on which I have tried new techniques and methods, again with notes if appropriate. The largest section is filled with "anything goes".....backgrounds waiting for further work, snippets of new materials, etc. I would love to find a scrapodex swap so I could add a section of cards by others. See what you have inspired???


Thanks so much for posting these tips! I started working on my big rolodex this weekend (mine has 5x3" cards and sits on chrome legs). You are right about cutting out the tabs with scissors--works fine and doesn't take too long. One other question I have is do you use left over papers from your other projects to collage with or pull backgrounds that you want to work with specifically? I like the idea of using up scraps and plan to add photos to my rolodex also (ala Donna Downey).

Brian Kasstle

Patty thank you for the fabulous shout out about my cards! It was super fun to trade cards with you! I am going to do a future post on my Rolodex as well. It all started with you! Keep on inspiring us!


Thank you for answering these questions! Glimpses into your books and projects are a daily "must-have" for me. Thanks again for sharing.


So glad I've discovered your blog today! I enjoyed your sketchbook spreads and your scrapodex so much! I'll definitely be back!!!

Julie Prichard

I love this project, PVD...to flip through that awesomeness....all in one place! Fantastic. :) Love all the views of your cards you have shown.

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