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July 27, 2011


Cindy Pestka

Just astounding to think how many millions of years of history you have in that little bowl!

Toni Brown

Oh my god! what an incredible collection! somehow, I flashed onto Tony Hillerman novels (delicious descriptions of the desert landscapes AND Indian practices) ... I would love to sit patiently with each of those and hear its story!


My mother was an inveterate picker-upper of things and ended up with many bits and pieces of fossils. I remember going to a place in upper Michigan when I was a kid where you could sift thru piles and chip away at rocks to find fossils and bits of mics and other goodies. You've got a great collection.


Patti, I love fossils, too. And those are some nice ones...I also love my new fossil rose gold watch. *giggle*
xo, Cheryl


I love fossils too! And just about any kind of rocks. Did you actually find the one with the fish or buy it?

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