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July 14, 2011



That's a lotta books! I know the feeling. Books make a house a home.


I had the same thought as Marit. I'd love to browse through them.


Oooh... how I'd like to look at those journals up close - touch them - flip through them... yes, our precious journals does feel a girl 'at home' isn't it?! (I have a similar amount lining up on a shelf)

Brian Kasstle

Oh that IS soo wonderful!!!! Just looking at these makes me feel relaxed!


a full bookshelf always helps a place feel more homey, even more so if they're books you've created yourself!


So colorful & creative-looking :) :)

Diana Giffin

How lovely to have so many books full of creativity!


looks like Christmas to me...thank you much for sharing! :)

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