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August 28, 2011


Rini Boer

Beautiful ,i have never seen such one !!
Love ♥RINI♥


Very unique and fresh looking.


SO pretty. I am considering buying one of those for my office. I love them but don't trust my cat to leave it alone at home.
Beautiful photo.
xo, Cheryl

Toni Brown

that was supposed to say 'iris-like' ...

Toni Brown

that make me draw in a very very deep slow breath and exhale just as slowly. wow. Ok, I'm dense about plants -- what kind of flower is that? I mean, I know you love roses, but that doesn't seem at all rose-esque. More daffodil or isi-like ...


Wow Patty, what a gorgeous colourcombo these orchids have! It's quite an idea to make an art journal page in these colours! I'll keep it in mind...

Bobbie Lynn Duran

That is beautiful and I have not seen an orchid in that color combination.


Goodness, those are gorgeous. I've never seen that particular orchid in person. I can't grow them worth a hoot but I love orchids for their outlandish, unique color combinations.

Brooks Ann

They are SOOOO beautiful! I am envious of your ability to grow orchids; they are something I have always wanted to try. Maybe someday...til then I will just enjoy yours vicariously. Thanks for sharing!

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