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August 04, 2011



Size and shape do matter a lot, don't they?! I find I don't like to work on square pages anymore... but still want to finish that particular journal. Grrr... why did I cut it that way in the first place???


This is very nice. I love all the colors here. I cannot even think about 2012 yet. I'll process that in November.


Ah, yes, I am still working on my calendar journal...hopefully later this month, when school is back in session! It looks beautiful; please share more :D

Toni Brown

that is your I'm Kickin' This Journal's Ass Alter Ego portrait, I presume?


2009, huh? I got that beat by a mile, altho I'm getting better at realizing it sooner and either giving them away or chucking them entirely. I actually like it, the parts you've shown...

Judy Shreve

She looks determined!

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