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November 10, 2011


Elliptical reviews

No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

Vicki in Michigan

I think lamps, as a decorating category, contains more atrocities than any other single category.

The last time we were looking for a couch, we found ourselves in the marked-down section.

Many of the lamps in there had us thinking "Really? ANYONE thought someone would actually PAY for this?" None of them were cheap, either.

I don't have enough imagination to come up with a world that includes people who would purchase most of the lamps that are on the market............

Olivia King

That lamp is hilarious! I think it must have belonged to someone who thought it was art.... but a drunk with one shoe? Seriously? Maybe it has possibilities in an assemblage? A scarey assemblage!


How much was it? I don't like the lamp, but I love the shade!


There's just no accounting for taste. And to trot out another one - one man's trash is another man's treasure. So someplace there's a person pining away for this lamp. Thanks to your post, maybe they'll find it!

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