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December 01, 2011


Brian Kasstle

Try a tinted primer in your chosen color. That is what I have seen folks do over DARK colors. I know, my partner and I love to go to open houses to get ideas, etc. Often times we go "WHY, WHY, WHY???" At such things. It boggles the mind. But that is why they call it taste, everyone has different taste.


Oh my! I do pity you. My ceilings need painting too but at least they are white already. That is one leprechaun of a dining room, but yes, the floors are very nice.


The former owners of our house painted every wall white semi-gloss except for the living room which was bubble gum pink sponge painted. Thankfully Behr makes a paint with primer in it.

Olivia King

The floors are excellent! and that makes up for a lot! Why would anyone paint a ceiling any shade of green???? Ceilings are hard to paint - if I was there I would come over and help you! haha.


Perhaps they were going for the forest-canopy-overhead look. Pretend you're camping while watching Real Housewives of Hartford or whatever that show's called. Maybe they kept squirrels in there and wanted them to feel at home. God knows. I once bought a house that had royal blue shag carpet EVERYWHERE. Unreal. There's no accounting for taste.

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