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December 21, 2011



Hi! So glad I found your inspirational blog. I've been trying to add you to my list to follow, but unfortunately, there seems to be a blogger glitch that won't allow this. I'll be sure to check back often. Loving your journals!



Best wishes to you and your loved ones too Patty! I will get back to you in 2012 with a proposal of some sort *teehee* Keep on rollin' dear!

Vicki in Michigan

Love the truck, and love its load.

Best holiday wishes to you, too, and a happy new year!

Jennifer Andersen

Hello Patty - I have really enjoyed reading your blog for such a long time. You are a very talented lady and I am always surprised at the great variety of your talent. I look forward to seeing what you will create this coming year. I can truly relate to all the "stuff" that manages to find its way into my cupboards 'cos I just had to have it!.... but like you, time to sort, my 11 year old grand-daughter is about to inherit bags and bags of it!
Merry Christmas from the the Indian Ocean side of "Downunder"


Thank you! ANd right back atcha!!!

Toni Brown

And to you, PVD, and Ralph-the-Dog also ... (LOVE LOVE LOVE that old beater truck!!!)

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