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January 29, 2012



I love love love this mini album not sure if you can really call if that, its so much fun and you having amazing ideas, I am sure it took a lot of time to put together and it is so worth it. Its beautiful.




this is one of my favourite books ever!!! so special!!! hearts & hugs

Nelda Ream

This is such a special little book. It is lovely. Now I'm going to be watching for an old print like this at the thrift shops. Thanks for sharing it.

Sharon W

I revisited my "pushing the envelope" class download and realized that much of this book's construction IS covered there, except for the advanced cussing. I'm inspired to give that course another try, and will email questions or problems as I struggle along!!

Roni J.

Absolutely gorgeous. you go girl.

Brian Kasstle

So beautiful and so inspirational! Great details.

Brooks Ann

Another lovely 'Patty Gem"! Wow! I loved the statements about why the book was not going to become an online class, especially the cussing part. Gosh, I thought I was the only one that harsh words with my projects...perhaps not, huh? I too love the way you combine interesting and usual materials into such a charming finished product.

Bobbie Lynn Duran

What a beautiful book. A lot of love and detail. I like the way you combined all your collections of material and combined them in a harmonious way. Thanks for sharing.


For all its trouble, I think it is a lovely little book. I find it so interesting to see the bits and scraps you find to include in your books. They are truly original gems.

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