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April 04, 2012


Sharon W

What is on those inside pages of the journal? How about one more photo????

Diane P in N. Cali

Aww, he's such a happy boy!
GREAT grin!
My hubby and I adopted a rescue last year (on 9/10/11 - easy to remember!). She's Half Chow / Half German Shepherd, and she's got that same big smile! (and eyeliner!)
She's the first dog we've adopted together, and we have become (probably overly) doting parents.
Love her so much, what did we do before her? Dog hugs are the best!

Brooks Ann

Love Ralph's smile! What a precious best buddy!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

What a sweet Boy there. What pretty bangles. A vintage look to them. Have a wonderful Day.


I have never had a dog smiling at me... until now!


he is sooo cute!


Sweet post-love your best buddy too. We have one too-she had been abused. It took years for her to forget bad stuff. She's much loved.
I just am crazy about your jewelry!

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