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July 11, 2012



Yowza! You've got even more beads than I do and I've got a lot. I like mine fairly organized, altho my larger ones are a bit messier since they're easier to spot. I'd really like to dig thru the striped box of metal junk in the 3rd drawer down...


HA! I'm the opposite. I need to have my stuff neatly organized or I feel like I'm spending more time trying to find supplies than I do actually making something. BUT, I DO loooooove to rummage around when it comes to finding the supplies! Don't give me things neatly placed on shelves. Let me find a thrift store where I could sink my teeth into a good treasure hunt. I'm guessing whatever helps inspire you and makes you more creative is how your storage will eventually wind up.


Beautiful necklace.

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