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August 20, 2012



Awesome post! I hope you will share the finished garments with us. I love the textures and colors.


I love your hunting jacket! For the last two winters, I have worn a 1940's men's overcoat. It's a black and white tweed with flecks of red and a zip-out red plaid liner. Unfortunately, I had to replace the original leather buttons (although I saved what remained of the originals), so I am envious of your pristine buttons! Besides looking fantastic (in my opinion) and being so warm and comfortable, my favorite part of my coat is the original labeling - especially the union label. I'm looking forward to wearing it again this winter (along with my blue, 1970's "church lady" coat).


I loved it too!


I'm not sure what you consider 'old' -but I bet I'm older! (57, and loving it!) I am on the same fashion page as you-I have a nice stash of vintage and interesting fabric purchased at different local thrift shops-and those shoes-I had some like that, only they were low pumps-I could cry that I donated them-I LOVE finding cool used shoes, and who cares if the item was for a man-if it fits! I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your clothing changes-I have some projects like that, but I've been a little chicken to get started. I loved this post!!!

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