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August 16, 2012



I love my Ipad! Didn't know what i was missing before I had it!


Flipboard. Immediately.


I love your home too-and happy birthday! Have fun with your ipad!


And at the risk of having to type in 6-8 more words for comment verification...I had to come back to say I love the glimpses of your home...especially that FAR OUT clock!!!


I'm quite behind when it comes to technology so I understand. I bought a laptop because my desktop is in therapy and I'm enthralled with it!


No cell phone ?!? However do you cope?

You might as well sit down in a comfortable chair, order in a bunch of take out and prepare to be immersed for a few days as you figure it all out. I jut got my first smart phone a few months ago and it's a lot of fun. Go sign up to instagram and follow me - then you can see all my artsy garden and studio shots LOL. Be sure to check out Google Sky Map. Very cool to stand out in your yard and check out all the stars and constellations. Actually you don't even need to be outside.

And Twitter can be cool if you follow things like Simon & Schuster Publishing and Random House. Lots of good book leads. Or your favorite authors and artists. Have fun!

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