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September 05, 2012


Bobbie Duran

Love your garden photos. Good luck with your figs. I love figs and would like to have them in my yard, but the parrots and other critters would just have a filled day with them.

Jean Hawkins

I love your frame for the fig tree! It makes me think of a long ago very early spring trip to France where we saw people working to train all their fruit trees on frames like this (although not nearly so beautiful!) It makes for easy picking. The fruit always looks so pretty at eye level, just begging to be tasted. Your fig tree will be lovely there!


Beautiful gardens~and I LOVE the fig and its iron support. You have a great eye for repurposing neat stuff!


Now I know for sure: your hands are green! A nice, deep, gorgeous, living green!!!


PVD-I love love LOVE it!!


A Florida garden looks so different from a CA garden. I really miss Michigan during gardening season, where you could just throw seeds down and have gorgeous plants in a few weeks. Here in dry old CA, we have to *work* at gardening. I love the iron on top of the frame. What a perfect spot. Looks great already and you don't have anything on it yet. Looking forward to the weather break here also.

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