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September 23, 2012


Gwen Delmore

I have my mother's coin purse, and I love it, and would love to have a necklace which incorporated it, however I have no such skills. Yours is absolutely fantastic, I esp. love the Betsey Johnson skull, I have loved Betsey Johnson since high school!

I am glad you are keeping it for yourself, too! Wear it in good health!


I get it!


Wonderful post~I love those little purses too-yours is very cool!


I love it.


Had a new art friend over today and we were discussing the "showing your art to your family" thing. My husband tries to do more than "oh that's nice honey" because he's a fine woodworker and certainly expects more than that from me when he shows me his work. But still. They just don't really get it. So it's good that you show it to us cause we really appreciate it. The things that make me smile about this piece is the bow in her... well, not in her hair, I guess, but on her skull, and the swirly bead at the bottom. Next time I see one of those old change purses I won't be so quick to pass it by.


I'm trying to figure out how you attached the necklace part to the purse, Patty. I have my grandmother's little purse, a soft butterscotch color in good condition, and I'd like to make a neckace of my own with it. Though without the orange bead face. Yours is really cute.

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