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October 19, 2012


Toni Brown

PVD, your photos today just filled me with HAPPINESS! major personal challenges have landed in my life the last week, the huge one being that I lost my job a week ago Thursday ... I felt like I drew a whole, GOOD breath looking at this post. Our house is 1,400 SF, and once my youngest son is gone, we both want to downsize ... we already have 2 rooms we call the 'museum rooms' cuz all we do is have a spare fridge in one and fold clothes in the other. stoopid! I've been obsessed with one-room living for the last year -- think 'tiny houses' -- but my BB said no, that's just tooooo small for him. And to be honest, I'm not sure I could handle not having a REAL kitchen. Or no bathtub. But we've gone looking and really feel that a one bedroom apartment is enough, just perfect (tho' having an extra 1/2 bath is something we'd like) ... I so so so prefer smaller, more intimate, no formal anything!


Goodness, that's a happy window box. Do you fertilize? I start off the summer with good intentions but begin to forget and by August I still have 3/4 of a box of fertilizer and droopy plants.
You always refer to your cottage as so tiny. How many square feet is it? It's amazing how different it looks from the before pics when you first bought it.

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