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October 11, 2012



This is wonderful!!! I'm going to get this pattern. I love your work so much-it's nice to see an artist who takes such pride in doing things right.




You did a superb job! I can see how difficult the fabric would be to work with, and it looks like its cut on the bias in the back,too! What a job. Darling jacket pattern, I may have to go take a look at that pattern myself!


Very cute. A lot of asymmetry going on there - makes it interesting and obviously not an off-the-rack everybody's-got-one item. You're quite handy with that old sewing machine, aren't you?

Gwen Delmore

I think it is fabulous, but before you even said it, I was thinking I am glad it was HER that had to work with that fabric, not ME! Seriously, I would never have been able to do such a great job as you did. Kudos!

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