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February 21, 2013


Gwen Delmore

the most beautiful pansies I have ever seen!! One of my favorite flowers!


It is wonderful to see flowers just now! Even in someone elses yard...They are just a memory here. But my plans for this year's garden keep me hoping for warm weather, and the sound of peepers.
Your path is beautiful-and I know from lots of stone hauling experience-just how hard that work is. Just be careful of your back. I really injured mine last year-moving rocks that were way too big-couldn't even walk for a while without pain-scary!
Love your backpack too...

riekie helberg

Hi Patti
I just love your flagstone path!! You are an inspiration!

Sharon Bennett

I love your little cottage. Glad to hear you are thinking about some paper art again. YAY!!


Your back yard is looking so lovely. Such a big difference from when I first found your blog. The flagstone path is wonderful and makes me wish I had a place to put one. The bronze pansies and Lenton roses are really pretty. And Ralph looks very businesslike lol. Great post - I love seeing your yard change over time.


Your garden looks so beautiful! You have done so much work - I remember when you first moved in!!!

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