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June 05, 2013



Did you do anything special to lose the weight after your thyroid diagnosis. I am going thru the same thing. I have gained 50lbs, I used to always be the skinny girl in the room, go figure. I am on meds (levothyroid) but they are not doing much and my doctor is a total muppet. Any tips.


I hear you on the plethora of peaches. For me it was an abundance of apricots. We ate them morning, noon and night for 10 days. I made apricot toast, apricot crisp, apricot sauce for chicken, etc, until my skin was turning... apricot. Now they're all gone and I miss them. Wish I had thought of booze...

Love the blouse fabric. And thanks for the photo of you in it, but how about adding your smiling face? We'd love to see you. Yay on dropping the weight. I recently lost a few myself and it does feel good.

Julie Prichard

Roast vanilla peaches with raspberries....latest MS Living. Delicious.;)


Wow! That's a lot of peaches! I used to help my grandma can peaches. My job was to peel the skin off after she had poured boiling water on them and they cooled off.

I love those old patterns, I'm always searching for the same.

Terrific to hear about your weight loss - and that you found the cause and were able to take care of it!

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