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October 09, 2013



I can stop by often, or just once in awhile. I know you are always up to something, even if you are not showing it. Loved all your journals, it never dawned on me to think you had stopped. Just working on other things. Loved the garden posts, the Ralph the Dog posts, the sewing, etc. That vest is looking very cool. I am working on some sewing projects for Dia de los Muertos that I started LAST year and did not get finished in time. Now it's almost that time again so I really must finish them.

Toni Brown

P.S. I forgot to say that, having lost my job and been out of work this last year, until this week, I ended up selling EVERY SINGLE THING in my art studio, everything, even the big ass work bench ... one seller, enough to pay my bills for 2½ months. Interestingly, this being forced into a clean slate also helped me purge, within, the sorta 'personal myth' ideas about who I am as a creator -- like, um, I am NEVER going to be an assemblage girl, even though I so love what other people do that-a-way ... so the set of drawers full of bits and bobs found a real home elsewhere, and I can relax. That kind of KNOWING, while doing without creative supplies, tools, product, etc., is honing me in on what is real to my creative process and needs ... also, it has meant that when my two wee grandsons are here, I am FULLY FOCUSED on them, which is a reminder I really needed after 7 years zoning out in my studio -- reconnecting to life, my REAL life ... strange lessons that come out of things. Now I know which supplies might eventually (& I do mean 'might') come back into my studio - that kinda clarity is awesome. (sorry, this is kinda off subject -- shoulda emailed it to you!)

Toni Brown

PVD -- first, nothing you have ever posted or probably will ever post has been or could be dull. Just sayin'. Meanwhile, I'm wholly picking up what you're throwing down, here -- it's actually why I quit blogging -- found myself just 'doing things' so I'd have something to post. blecch. Also, I've noticed and I'm sure you have to, that on almost EVERY blog, folks are saying they're tiring of blogging, or they've hit a wall, or they're taking a blogging break. I mean, it's a beautiful tool and certainly can be fun, but it's not LIFE, the real thing -- just a snapshot of life. I also love seeing ALL the things you create, despite my abiding love of your journal pages (because they are what I initially found when I was looking for something to expand my written journaling experience -- your blog, your journal pages were first for me, and still hit me in that OHMYGOD visceral discovery place, and take me back to my first attempts, those days of complete absorption and learning). la la la. let me just close by saying that I also ADORE (yes, ADORE) when you post Ralph the Dog pictures. woot!

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